Tuesday, January 26, 2010


I look around and see greenery everywhere. The purity of the sight engulfs me, takes over my soul, and I feel like I'm flying. I outstretch my arms and allow myself to surrender to this blissful feeling. I let the breeze take me away with it. It's a great feeling, like I've achieved everything I've always wanted to. It feels as though all the wordly problems have ceased to exist at once.

I can hear my mother laughing somewhere, her laughter is like music to my ears. I can see my father's face smiling down at me, with his eyes full of nothing but love. A warm feeling begins to tingle my heart. It is as though I've reached paradise.

Then I opened my eyes. And the illusion broke. There is no longer any greenery around me, the breeze doesn't engulf me, I can't sense my parents around me.

I'm back to the real world.


Anonymous said...

although it was short but it had the illusion which according to me can be the illusion for many too, but! it had the charismatic effect on my mind of thnking the same in such way that you want me to think of........ so this was a pleasing one..... so that is a good quality for a writer to have- to please everybody is difficult but to please a few can be managed.......

Aparajita said...

Thanks for commenting Suneha! :)