Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part 2

I often wonder whether it's my school that's so nasty that I can't help but hate it, or it's me whose simply being a normal teenager. I don't know, but I believe the former most of the times to pacify my inner self.

Plus, it's not just the school, I have a problem with the entire system. You want an education ? India's not the place for you. Go to some country where practicality and intelligence are real concepts, and not just theoretical concepts like other theoretical concepts. Theory, theories about that theory, and more theories about both these theories, that's what our system is about. Oh and I almost forgot - Marks. And grades.

I'm trying really hard here to focus on my maths homework. Maths in class 11th is a major pain in the ass. It's probably tougher than Newton, Einstien, Aryabhatta and all the other geeky scientists, put together would have imagined it to be two/three centuries later.

It's 5:40 pm in the evening and there are so many things that I'd rather be doing. No, I don't mean logging in to facebook and uploading pics of myself shitting in the loo. I have yet to go to the market and buy some stuff, I have to go find a plumber because the kitchen tap is leaking, I have to call the hardware guy to fix up my CD-Rom, I also have to send a few important mails. And yet, I'm sitting here trying to understand 'Limits & Derivatives', which might not even help me 20 years hence.

People often cite that I'm not their 'regular' teenager, I really don't know what that means, or whether it's a positive implication or a negative one. All I know is that I'm different. My life, habits, ambitions are different.

I hate my phone. It rings too much. It's ringing now. I don't feel like picking it up, but I finally let out a sigh and pick it up, "Hello ?"

"Naina, dude, how's the homework coming along ?". It's my classmate, the one I sit with, and my friend too.

"Horribly. I haven't done anything", I reply, while making a face at my book. I can hear her sighing on the other end, "Yeah, it's the same with me. Looks like we're in for some nice shit tomorrow in maths class"

"Most probably. I'll bring my shiny armour", I reply with a slight grin. I can hear her grin too, I hang up without saying bye. That's kind of silly.


The character's name is 'Naina'.

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