Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Part 4

The day was going by fine until our class teacher, who is also our Physics teacher, came inside. I love physics, really, I do, but this woman makes it hard to sustain that love. In the simplest words, she sucks.

She walked inside carrying the same demeanor of anger, like always. Why she was perennially pissed is still a mystery for all of us, but for now, we have to put up with her. I sweetly call her 'Angry old woman'. She is a short woman, with plump cheeks and a medium built. She has short legs, so when she walks it looks as though a rabbit is hopping from one place to the other.

She sits down and lightly dumps her hand bag and register on the table. Putting on her glasses, she quickly opens the attendance register and starts calling out names. But ofcourse, as always, no one's really interested in listening. This infuriates the already miffed teacher and she starts yelling at the top of her voice, "Enough is enough class! Stop talking now or else I'll go call the principal!"

Her outburst calms the beasts down a bit. Everyone qiuets down, fearing that she might rip her hair apart or god forbid, the students'. She takes a deep breath and starts calling out names again.

When the attendance got over, I started taking out my physics book and register, but before I could keep them on my desk, our teacher said, "I'm going to be changing your seats today..", and this statement invokes a unananimous reaction of discontent from the entire class.



"Kya yaar...not again!"

As if she had plugged cotton balls into her ears, she paid no heed to the complaints and started shuffling all of us. Nandita made a face when she was made to get up and sit next to a guy named Abhishek. I gave her a 'thumbs up' sign and a smirk as she walked away, frowning at me.

Thankfully, I wasn't made to get up. Instead, someone named Ayush was asked to sit beside me. I don't understand this school. They discourage relationships between girls and boys, and yet thrust the whole idea of 'boys-and-girls-should-mingle-since-we're-a-coed-school" down our throats. It's like saying that you want a baby but you don't want to have sex because apparently it's 'not right'.

Anyway, I say 'Hi' and he says 'Hi' and that's the end of it. Our classes continue, and there really is no interaction between us. However, I do know that all this drama is only meant for today. Tomorrow, everyone will simply go back to their preferred seats. They'll simply change seats during physics class, and that's pretty much about it.

Our last class, i.e economics, turned out to be a substitution class with none other than our class teacher, Ms. Grumpy. So we had no choice but to stay put with our new partners. Thank god she didn't start teaching physics. By the end of the day, my brain cell are really dead.

We read our newspapers instead. Suddenly I hear a chuckle from beside me. I look at Ayush and he grins at me while pointing towards an article that apparently made him laugh. I look at the article, it's basically about how a bunch of rabid fangirls chased a guy when he said that he didn't like Zac Efron, the guy from High School Musical.

"You know, no offense, but I have to say that girls can be extremely dumb at times", he said in an amused voice. I shrug and nod, "They're always dumb"

He stares at me with his eyes wide and an eyebrow arched, "What ?" A little pause. "You agree that girls are dumb ?"

"Yup. They are"

He grins again, "And does that apply to you aswell ?"


"And why is that ?"

"Because I've got a brain", I said, pointing towards my head, "And I use it"

He nods, that stupid grin still plastered on his face. I don't understand why it is so difficult for men to accept that not all girls are alike. Bloody losers. He continues, "You have to be the first one to accept the fact that girls are dumb"

"Teenage girls, to be precise. Actually, what I like about men is that they never let their heart overpower their brain. Whether it is a relationship or a financial matter, they always use the thing called brain. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for girls", I finish with a straight face.

I'm guessing he's over the shock by now, as the grin has been wiped off his face and has been replaced by a smile, "Yeah, and when we say the same thing to other girls, they say we're being chauvinistic"

And before we know it, we're both laughing at that statement. It's rather wierd actually, because I've never really thought that I could laugh with a guy from my class. When we're done laughing, I glance at my watch to check the time. The bell rings even before I can look up. Suddenly, the class springs to life. Everyone starts hustling around and there's alot of commotion. I get up, stuff my things into my bag, swing it on my back, say bye to Ayush and start walking towards Nandita.


Anonymous said...

when i was going through ur blog, i could only make out that this kind of routine generally is the daily course drama of a normal teenager until a logistic conversation between the girl and the boy named ayush starts.the most humourous part comes with the discription of ur 'angry old woman'.the blog was quite an interesting one.

Anonymous said...

hi! this is amazing i like the whole story and very true also.
just keep writing looking for ur next part... write soon.

Aparajita said...

@Suneha - Yes, it is pretty much how our day starts and ends, eh ? Ranting, whining, moaning, moping etc. lol. School really is a pain in the ass. Thanks for commenting!

@Anonymous - Thankyou so much! :)