Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Part 3

There is something extremely wrong with the whole concept of 'love'. There are some major loopholes in the whole theory that has been constructed by the society (Which includes expression of love in the written form, movies, Television et al) over the period of time.

Version 1.1: Romeo and Juliet were two idiots who fell in love (apparently) and then died in the end for each other. Bravo! Here's love for you.

Version 1.10: Edward and Bella are two idiots who fell in love (apparently) and constantly keep looking for oppurtunities to die for each other. Bravo, yet again!

But then, beyond literature, 'love', as we know it, doesn't really exist. There really is no blue-eyed prince charming out there who will come and sweep you off your feet. There really is no hero who will always save you from the bad guys. There is no one who has looks of the ultimate greek god, a heart of gold and a chivalrous nature.

But you know, I can't really say the same for the girls. You know why ? Because girls are plain and simple dumb. They would be ready to sacrifice everything they have in the wink of an eye, the moment someone comes and says, "Sweetheart, I love you" (And I wanna have sex with you. But ofcourse, no one really says that) Most of the girls in my age-group live in the fantasy of a blue-eyed prince. Just when you thought that womenhood has finally begun to make some progress, these girls prove you wrong in no time.

So finally, the whole deal is that love is nothing but Bull.

Anyway, more on that later. Right now, I'm on my way to the place I dread the most - my school. Funnily though, the bus ride to school always has me thinking about some or the other stupid thing. I'm sitting on the window seat, silently looking out of the window. My favourite weather is the post-rain time. I love the soft breeze and the calm environment. The whole ambience is just so serene and peaceful. I can see the leaves of a tree swaying lightly due to the breeze. Somehow I find that sight to be really beautiful, and I have this sudden and inexplicable urge to dash out of the bus and feel the wind too.

My thoughts are brought to a sudden halt as the bus stops. We're finally inside hell. For 6 hours. I sigh and get up, swinging my bag on my back, I make my way towards the exit door.

When I reach my class, I see my one and only friend, Nandita, and give her a smile. And when I say one and only, I literally mean it. Either she's the only one who can tolerate me or I'm the one who feels that she's remotely close to understanding me than the others. Remotely.

"Hey, what's up ?", she enquired in her usual deep voice.

"Fine. I just didn't want to come today..", she rolls her eyes as I say this, apparently indicating that she hears the same thing everyday. Ignoring her, I continue, "I mean, the love the weather today. We should be outside, not trapped here in this death camp"

"Hey..will you give the whole 'I-hate-school' thing a break ?", she says jokingly.

"But I do hate school", I say with a shrug. It's actually my daily mantra. I say it atleast 100 times each day. She sighs and holds up her palms in defeat, "Fine. There's no arguing with you". I give a stupid grin and we settle down in our chairs. Our class teacher enters and Nandita has to literally shake me to make me get up. I'm really not interested in looking at our class teacher's doomed face. I keep looking outside. Eerily, the one emotion that I do associate with this weather is 'freedom'. And seeing as we're in school, this emotion almost overwhelms me.

The guys in my class are first-rate nincompoops. No, I'm not one of the girls who doesn't like boys in general because they're 'yucky' boys. I hate them because it irks me to see them proud of their fake attitutde and inflated ego. It irks me to see that they think they know everything there is to know about this world. It irks me to know that they think they're god's gifts to Earth. If there is an emotion stronger than 'disgust', then that is what I feel for them. Actually no, 'pity' would be the right one. Because once out of school, I'm pretty sure they're gonna have a hard time trying to figure out who hit them in the balls. I guess barring one or two, almost every one is a loser. Trust me, I'm not looking for a boyfriend here, but had they been a little more decent, then friendship would not have been such a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

i truely agree with the fact that a school is a death camp for almost every child (as exceptions are always there, therefore geeks are always there too, you can't help it, anyways i deviated..).so what was i saying.. um ya, similarly guys in my class are also good for nothig! as 'most the boys' are wondering aimlessly, so that's quite normal.otherwise very well written, very well executed and what else...let me think ummmm...that's all...

svelte said...

i agree. there are aimless idiots in my class and what i have for them is also 'pity'. Poor creatures they need 'HELP'.
i love your writing. looking forward to the next part.